Top Reasons to Buy a Johnson Rods LR3/LR4 lift kit or Range Rover Lift Kit:

Johnson Rods

Land Rover Lift Kit
LR3 Lift Kit
2.5 inch lift
32" GY MT/R Tires
Johnson Rods are high quality height sensor rods to lift your Land Rover
Gain 2.5 inches clearance for your LR3 or Range Rover Sport
Improve off road performance of your LR3 or Range Rover Sport
Get larger off road tires - see our LR3 tire size chart!
Johnson Rods are the best and most affordable suspension mod available
Improve the look of your LR3 or Sport with more lift and larger tires
Manufactured from long lasting 304L stainless steel
Factory made on high speed metal fabrication equipment
Precision tooled for accuracy
Accurate to give you an even lift
No adjustment needed - set it and forget it knowing it works
Strong and reliable like the original factory equipment
Easy installation - no mechanic needed
Expand your off road trail adventures with more options
Have more fun and get less damage with added lift!
Three year warranty
Moab Land Rover Land Rover LR3 lift kit LR3 Rock Crawling
Johnson Rods LR3 / LR4 Lift Kit

LR3 Lift Kit / LR4 Lift Kit / Range Rover Lift Kit

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Get ready for Moab! Do you have Jrods for the National Rally? Don't go without them!
Time to get ready for Moab and summer trail rides.
Do a little rock crawling
Land Rover Lift Kit Land Rover  LR3 Lift Kit with Johnson Rods

LR3 / LR4 Lift Kit

     Range Rover Lift Kits

LR3 with new Johnson Rods lift Land Rover Lift Kit
Johnson Rods Lift Kits are made from stainless steel and is stronger than the original factory equipment which is made from plastic. However, because of their design, they provide key lateral flexibility like the original part to protect your height sensor equipment. Johnson Rods are not adjustable and are therefore very reliable like the original equipment part. The key to a good modified height sensor rod is for it to be accurate in length and to fit tight like the original. Johnson Rods are designed for accuracy and dependability. If your looking for a LR3, 4 lift kit or Range Rover Sport lift kit you can depend on Johnson Rods. Trail tested and tough, Johnson Rods will increase your off road opportunities and limit the potential for damage with added clearance. Combine Johnson Rods with rock sliders for the ultimate package.


LR3 Factory Rods
Johnson Rods are stong but designed to provide lateral movement as your frame flexes.
Never rust, never wear out. Our new thicker model is bullet proof!

Original factory equipment is made from plastic and rubber. Johnson Rods are stronger and built to last with high strength stainless steel.

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$125.00 US
Fits LR3, LR4
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Hitting the trails with your LR3, LR4 or Range Rover Sport will be better than ever with a Lift Kit from Johnson Rods. Whether you’re planning a trip to Moab, seeking more challenging trails, desire more ground clearance or just need to fit larger tires, the 2.5 inch lift kit from Johnson Rods will get you where you want to go.

Johnson Rods LLC, from La Quinta California, has developed a high quality affordable solution to lifting your LR3, LR4 and Range Rover Sport. By replacing your factory height sensor rods with the new ones built by Johnson Rods, the air spring system will increase your vehicle height by 2.5 inches in all operating modes while maintaining full functionality of the terrain response system. Effectively, your every day driving mode will be 2.5 inches higher and your off road mode will be 2.5 inches higher than the stock settings. Ride and comfort are not compromised and the off road performance is notably improved with the added ground clearance. Larger tires like the 32” Goodyear MT/R’s 275-65-R18 or Silent Armors fit comfortably to further increase height and improve traction for off road prowess.

Made from high quality stainless steel and precision tooled for accuracy, the Lift Kit by Johnson Rods ensures a dependable lift that you can count on. “When I built these rods, dependability and quality were the primary drivers that when into the product. I chose a fixed (non adjustable) stainless steel rod because this was the most reliable method to ensure an accurate and dependable lift similar to the fixed length OEM part from the factory. By fixing the length, it eliminated any risk of being improperly adjusted and made the installation very simple. Then, by producing the Johnson Rods on high speed precision metal fabrication equipment I was able to make a high quality product incredibly affordable”, said Greg Johnson from

Designed to be used either full or part time their ease of use, functionality and price are the most common reasons cited that have made this product so successful. It takes only ten minutes to install with no mechanic or special equipment needed. This is a do it yourself installation that can be used full time to accommodate larger off road tires or part time installed the night before or even at the trail head for occasional weekend use. The original factory height sensor rods can be reinstalled easily at any time as needed. To accommodate full time use, an alignment to adjust the wheel camber is recommended. Priced at $145 we think this stainless steel Land Rover lift kit is a “steal of a deal”.

LR3 Lift Kit - Get a Lift For Your LR3, LR4 or Range Rover
It's easy and Affordable
"Just wanted to leave a note to say how happy I am with the rods. We got a set and used them for the first time at SCLR’s Rover Rendezvous XX in Big Bear, CA. There is already a software lift of about 1+” on the suspeension but when the rods were fitted we made steady progress up a trail where others had carnage; it made the trail’s obstacles a cakewalk.

At first there was some hesitation about actually “needing” extra lift, but in the interest of trying these out I wonder why I didn’t put them on earlier. It made it much easier. So, while the truck still may not have “needed” the lift kit, it made it easier on the truck to climb the obstacles before us. In that sense, the trucked “needed” them to make for an easier climb. An easier climb means less strain on the truck and far less risk of damage as a result.

They’re part of the standard trail kit for the LR3 now. Thanks for making available such a great product we may not “need” but surely “must have” to protect our trucks."

Best wishes of continued success,

Adam Spiker
Off Roving
Johnson Rod stock before picture Johnson Rods 2.5 inch lift after picture
Stock before lift
LR3 Lift Kit - Johnson Rods 2.5 inch lift after
How to Install Johnson Rods LR3 Lift Kit:
Carefully remove the original sensor rods. I find a golf divot tool works well for this job.

Locate the height sensor rods behind front and rear tires (left). You can turn the front tire outward to gain easy access for the front sensor. For the rear sensor you can remove the tire or go under the vehicle. Use safety precautions if lifting the vehicle or going underneath.

Remove the original height sensor rods by prying them off the pegs (left). Use plenty of lubricant to slip them off the lip of the peg. Be careful not to break or bend the plactic arm. I found that a thin metal golf divot tool works well for removing the rods. The tool makes it MUCH easier.


Johnson Rods LR3 Lift Kit installed - front 

Johnson Rods LR3 Lift Kit installed - rear
Warning: Repeated raising and lowering of the vehicle before or after the install can cause your air pump to overheat. I recommend one or two cycles with a rest period before any additional cycles. Symptoms of an overheated air pump are the bags raising slowly or not at all. If this happens, turn off the vehicle and let the pump rest for several hours.


For full time use I recommend an alignment with the rods installed.
When installing or removing the Johnson Rods LR3 lift kit, do not pull on the connecting arm between the rubber connectors. Apply white lithium grease to the holes and place pressure around the rubber connector to install or remove from the peg. Do not install without lubricant.

Install the Johnson Rod LR3 lift kit. The short rods go on the front sensor pegs and the long rods go on the rear sensor pegs. You must install two in front and two in back to have an even lift on all four wheels.
Land Rover Lift Kit on Flatirons LR3 with Johnson Rod lift kit
Front factory sensor rod made from plastic

LR3 lift kit with GY Silent Armors
"I just wanted to touch base and let you know things went great down in Moab. Fortunately all 3 of us that were running trails there were using your product. Bottom line was if we weren't, we wouldn't have managed the trails we did without a lot of undercarriage hits. As it was we rarely bottomed out at all."

Customer Comments About Johnson Rods LR3 Lift Kit
Will the rods affect my warranty?
Unknown: I have taken my vehicle into the dealer for service, alignment with the rods on and warranty work with no issues. Some vehicle owners put the stock rods back on at the time of service to avoid warranty questions. Many Land Rover dealers purchase them for clients!
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LR3 lift kit with Johnson Rod 2.5 inch lift LR3 lift kit with Johnson Rod 2.5 inch lift
"I used mine for the first time at Moab in May with SCLR and was thankful I had them on several trails. That extra lift minimized most of the underbody damage that occurs on many trails. I put them on before most major trails now, and remove them for the trip home.

One tip is to take off the factory rods, and using some emery cloth, sand down the burr that makes it difficult to remove the rods. Also, keep a can of silicone spray in the truck, not WD-40. WD-40 eats rubber, but silicone won’t."

Jim B.
How do Johnson Rods Work?
Johnson Rods LR3 Lift Kit works with in conjunction your factory airbag springs to control the height of your vehicle by adjusting the height sensor level with a shorter rod. The result is that your vehicle will ride 2.5 inches higher in each mode of operation as compared to the stock mode heights.
Will I still be able to control the height of my vehicle using the Terrain Response System?
Yes, all functionality is maintained and the vehicle height modes can be controlled using the terrain response system from inside your vehicle.
Will the speed limitation for off road mode still be activated?
Yes, when in Johnson Rod off road mode (extended stock mode) the 25 mph speed limitation will still apply. However, an added benefit is that while driving in Johnson Rod normal mode (stock off road mode) you will be able to exceed the 25 mph limit. This is a big benefit on bumpy dirt roads or moderate trails when a faster speed is desired.
Do I have to keep the rods on full time?
No, you do not have to keep them on full time. Many owners use them just for off road trips and change the rods out the night before or at the trail head. With practice you can change the rods out in ten minutes. However, some owners want larger tires or don’t want the inconvenience of changing them out and therefore elect to keep the rods on full time. In that case I recommend an alignment to adjust the camber if you drive it daily. This will save on tire wear.
Question and Answer
Will the rods affect my warranty?
I have taken my vehicle into the dealer for service, alignment with the rods on and warranty work with no issues. Some vehicle owners put the stock rods back on at the time of service to avoid warranty questions.
Go bigger or go home!
Note: Johnson Rod grommets are made from SBR rubber. The temperature range is -40°C to +95°C (-40°F to +203°F) and are therefore very reliable in extreme temperature conditions.
LR3 lift kit with Johnson Rod 2.5 inch lift
Johnson Rods
Sport or full size
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Watch video! Lift it and get off road tires for these trails. Johnson Rods Rock!
New and improved thicker stainless steel !
Look what you can do with a Lift Kit from Johnson Rods!. Get a lift and bigger tires! Watch this video
How to lift a Land Rover LR4 in 30 minutes or less.
Link to Expedition Portal article. Click here.
Johnson Rods installed and in normal height with larger tires. Another satisfied customer!
$125.00 US
Fits LR3, LR4
Johnson Rods
Sport or full size
Range Rover Kit - click here
New and improved thicker stainless steel !
Order now and hit the trails in confidence. Get bigger with Johnson Rods!
See our tire size chart - click here
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Don't get fooled and be taken advantage of by cheap lift rod copies made of plastic or thin twisted metal. Many customers come to me after making this mistake, These cheaper made products will bend and break easily. They have very thin rubber grommets and don't hold tight causing problems with the system. Johnson Rods are solid and made with thick stainless steel that will not bend, rust or be affected by harsh weather. The Johnson Rod grommets are much wider like the original part which insures you have a good fit. This is why Land Rover dealers order and use Johnson Rods. Sold worldwide, we are the leader in Land Rover lift kits since 2010 with thousands of happy customers. Buy quality parts for your Land Rover, get Johnson Rods.

Beware of cheap copies