Goodyear MT/R LR3

Sport and Full Size RR

" Improve your off road performance "

A 2.5 inch lift makes a big difference for rock crawling!
Get some good off road tires like these 32" GY MTR's
Have more fun this summer!
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Range Rover Lift Kits

Range Rover Lift kits

2 Inch Lift Kit
Full Size Range Rover (L322) 2005-12
$165 US
Full Size Range Rover Lift Kit 2005-12
1.5 Inch Lift Kit
Full Size Range Rover (L405) 2013 - 2017
$165 US
Range Rover Lift Kit Johnson Rods
2.5 Inch Lift Kit
Range Rover Sport 2006-2013
$125 US
Full size Range Rover 1.5 inch lift kit, Johnson Rods Johnson Rods 1.5 inch lift kit - full size Range Rover Johnson Rods Range Rover lift kit 2.5 inch lift Johnson Rods Sport lift kit Range Rover lift kit Johnson Rods johnson_rods_3001003.jpg
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L322 Lift Kit
275-70-18 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ's Trimmed plastic, rub at full turn
Range Rover Lift Kit
305-45-22 Atturo Trail Blade XT's with 1.5" spacers. Some turn restriction at normal height.
L322 Lift kit
285-50-20 Cooper Discoverer ATP
Nitto Terra Grappler
No rub
Range Rover Lift Kit
I installed Johnson Rods on my 2007 Range Rover & they work great. The factory suspension works flawlessly with the Johnson Rods. I live in the mountains with some very rough roads, & I haven't had any issues with the rods. The Johnson Rods allowed me to install some 22" X 9.5" rims with some 305/45/22 Atturo Trail Blade XT Mud Terrain tires. I also installed some 30mm wheel spacers all the way around. The rear wheel wells didn't need any modifications to fit the new wheels. The front wheel wells needed several hours of minor modifications at the body shop to accommodate the wheels. Basically, a few mechanical parts near the wheel wells needed to be relocated roughly an inch or so to allow the plastic wheel wells to be stretched out (with a hand held heater) about an inch or so where the tires would rub. The front steel fenders didn't need any modifications. The tires don't rub at all with the suspension at the highest setting. And now at the normal setting, the tires only rub if the steering wheel is turned all the way & I hit a pretty good sized bump in the road. Normally, I think the Range Rover looks pretty lame in stock form, but now, I believe mine looks pretty awesome. I constantly get compliments on how nice my Range Rover looks with the new wheels. I would definitely recommend the Johnson Rods.
305-45-22 Atturo Trail Blade XT Mud with spacers. See comments from owner next to picture
1.5 Inch Lift Kit
Range Rover Sport (L494) 2014 - 2017
$165 US
1.5 Inch Lift Kit
NEW Discovery 5 2017
$165 US